Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Late, but not forgotten...

Well, after promising to make the blog post from our May 17th meeting a priority when I returned from vacation at the end of May, guess what?  Here it is, July 8th, and I'm just now getting to it!  Please accept my apologies for being so delinquent in getting this done.  You know how summer is...gardening, vacationing, socializing, family visits, soaking up the sun after some pretty miserable weather, etc., etc.  On the other hand, the good thing about me waiting this long to get this update done is that we received some additional goodies after our meeting which I've photographed and will include here.

We had a group of thirteen Angels in attendance on 5/17, and - as always - they came bearing lots of yarny goodness.  In addition, we received quite a few boxes of donations from some of our faithful friends as well as some new ones.  On with the show...

Baby hats from Maddy Aschwand (friend of Angel Nancy Byron) - thanks sweet Maddy!

3 scarves and lots of spa cloths from Angel Talyn Klemmetson of Twin Falls, Idaho.  Thanks, Talyn, for making the long distance connection between Twin Falls and Chicago!!

Chemo caps and spa cloths from Angel Margie Chan.  I also had noted that Margie donated a baby afghan, but don't know why it's not in the photo.  Senior moment???  Margie also made an additional delivery, after our meeting, which included more chemo caps for the Celebration of Life event that was a joint effort of Swedish Covenant and St. Frances Hospitals.  Thank you for your faithfulness to our ministry, Margie!!

My contributions...a little bit for all of our charities.  I tried to focus on youth hats and scarves for A Just Harvest.  You'll see lots of youth-sized hats in the photo below (donations from Helen Lesniak) and I made scarves to pair up with some of her hats.  Also did scarves for The Red Scarf Project, spa cloths, ear warmers for The Night Ministry, baby hats, etc.

New Angel, Helen Lesniak, dropped all of these goodies at my house.  She normally knits things to give to her sister, who lives in China and distributes Helen's yarny goodness there, but wasn't able to connect with her sister this year.  Fortunately, for our charities, she found Crafty Angels on-line!  Thanks for your generosity, Helen, both for our charities and the people you have blessed in China.  You do beautiful work!

Doris Ahlstedt worked up 14 baby hats and a spa cloth.  I love the variety of soft colors and patterns!

Okay!  So this beauty was made by a friend and former boss of mine from AT&T who lives in West Bend, WI - Kathy Conrow.  She was going through things in her house and found this baby blanket she had started 20+ years ago.  She decided to finally get it finished now that she's retired.  She knew of my involvement with Crafty Angels so called to ask if we could use it.  All the years I've known Kathy and never knew she was a gifted crocheter!!  This blanket is just gorgeous!

Angel Penny Sawczak turned out lots of baby afghans.  The little ones at Swedish Covenant and/or The Women's Center will be blessed by your handiwork, Penny.  Thank you!

Peggy Kingsley's friend, Jo, has been busy!  Such a nice variety of love gifts for the folks supported by the charities to whom we donate.  Thanks, Peggy and Jo!

Carol Flowers is truly a crafting machine!!  She always comes with scads of hats and spa cloths.  You are a blessing to us and to the many recipients of your yarny goodness.

Yay!!  Angie Lyke was able to join us again for our May meeting!  AND, came bearing lots and lots of love gifts.  Thanks, Angie, for your generosity!

We received a box chock-full of these beautiful items crafted by Karen Gwynne of Schererville, IN.  Many thanks to you, too, Karen, for your faithful support of Crafty Angels. 

Angel Cindy Weinzierl was also busy!  Cindy, we love that you found us, love that you attend our meetings, and are in awe of the fact that you are able to work up beautiful stuff like the things shown here in spite of your vision impairment.  You're incredible and are a real blessing to us.

I think I've run out of words to describe the variety and "wonderfulness" (there's a new one) of Debbie Kreusch's love gifts.  She always seems to come with something new and different than the time before and we have lots of fun ooh-ing and aah-ing over all of it!  You are the best, Deb!!

We don't need to wonder what wonderful Angel Joyce Dattalo's been up to!  Like Carol Flowers, she's a machine!!  AND, she treks in all the way from Oswego, IL to attend our meetings.  Love your work and love you, Joyce!

I apologize that this picture is blurry, but the bag is lovely!  This is the creation of Joy Pelletiere.  Thank you, Joy, for your giving spirit!

Those Klickers from Loogootee, IN have been busy as well.  Just look at all of this wonderful stuff, including lots of hat & scarf sets for A Just Harvest.  Thank you, Klickers, for all of the love represented in each stitch of your yarny goodness.  Many people will be a lot warmer this winter thanks to all of you!

And then there's Maureen Martin!  As with Deb Kreusch, what more can I say?  Amazing, perfect, love-filled items each and every time.  Look at that adorable Santa hat in the middle!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  You truly are an Angel!!

Another apology is in order.  These wonderful afghans were unboxed and displayed, but no one seemed to know who made them.  Please let me know if you were the talented person who created these lovelies.  And thank you for blessing the lucky people who will be warm this winter thanks to your caring!

Our own Covenant Angel, Jeannine Patt, made the gorgeous shawls and absolutely beautiful baby sets above.  I think I want Jeannine to adopt me so she feels obligated to sit down and teach me how she does such perfect work!  Plus, she's a beautiful person inside and out and would just be fun to have as a mom.  I'm going to have to have a chat with her!

Angel Faith Yao has also been busy with her needles!  She dropped these beautiful things off at my house after the May meeting and I had so much fun laying them out so I could admire her AMAZING stitchery.  We are so lucky that Faith found us on-line and has been a regular donor this past year.  Thank you, Faith, for your generosity and your caring spirit.

We received this yarny goodness from fellow Covenanter, Lisa Broxterman, of Axtell, KS.  Lisa, thank you for finding us and we welcome you to the circle of Angels.

Another new Angel, Nina Rubich, from Elk Grove Village, sent us all of this great stuff above.  Love it!!  You do beautiful work, Nina!  She found us through the Ravelry website.  Many will be blessed by your generosity.  Looks like you are both a knitter and crocheter and are wonderful at both!  Welcome to Crafty Angels!
Angel Marya Preston of Wheaton, IL sent us all of these gorgeous baby blankets.  In addition, she sent some spa cloths as well as a good supply of Sugar & Cream yarn which I've been using to make spa cloths.  The newborns and their moms at Swedish Covenant Hospital, as well as many others, will be blessed through your gifts.  And, again, thank you for your continued support of Crafty Angels!

Angel Linda Faubel took on the BIG projects this time.  She made all of these wonderful afghans in addition to the shawl and hats shown above.  The afghans were much needed so thank you, Linda!  Your stitching is amazing and you are a gift to our ministry.

That's it for now, Angels!  When I do these posts, I am constantly reminded of how many of you there are out there, stitching steadily and with caring hearts.  Sandy and I thank you for your commitment and generosity.  Our next meeting is Saturday, September 20th, 10:30 a.m. in the chapel at Edgebrook Covenant Church, 6355 N. Spokane Ave., Chicago.  Until then, happy stitching!