Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello, Sunshine!

As I sit here on this dreary Memorial Day, I was thinking back to how beautiful May 18th was - the day of our last Crafty Angel meeting.  It was so beautiful, in fact, that after that meeting I went home and gardened around my house for six hours.  Three days later, after having pretty much completed my planting, the temperatures dipped into the 40's!!  This IS Chicago, so these types of weather phenomenon are not unexpected, but they are most certainly NOT welcome.  Tomorrow it will be back in the 80's again and they expect us to hit 90 the following two days, so there you go!

As I was saying...May 18th was a glorious day as the Angels gathered to share their latest creations for the least of these.  We had another small group of eleven people, but lots of yarny goodness worked up in the two months since our March meeting.  Here's what was on display...

Debbie Kreusch came loaded with her creations - and they truly are creations.  Just look at all of this good stuff!!  The afghan with the cars and trucks will be treasured by a young boy at Cornerstone Community Outreach or perhaps it will go to a baby boy at Swedish Covenant.  And look at these fabulous toys (which just keep getting better and better!) and the adorable butterfly afghan.  We always anxiously await the unveiling of Debbie's goodies!

While Doris Ahlstedt was not able to be with us, she delivered sixteen of her beautiful baby hats.  I always love the variety of patterns and colors.

Phyllis Snodgrass was also unable to join us (her grandson, Caeden, took top billing this day!), but she delivered nine of her signature knit scarves.  Lovely!

Jeannine Patt WAS at our meeting and brought some AMAZING treats with her.  Seriously, not only is this woman a stellar crafter, she can also bake!!  I was just thinking, I should have taken pictures of her treats to share with you, because not only were they delicious, but they also looked pretty.  Jeannine likes to take on the big projects and she came bearing another of her wonderful adult-sized afghans and a beautiful Sashay ruffle scarf.

Here's what I was able to work up since our March meeting.  As I mentioned in my last update, Jeannine showed me how to do the Sashay scarves and I've been having some fun with what, for me, is a new medium (knitting vs. crocheting).

Faithful Joyce Dattalo, who drives in all the way from Oswego to be with us, brought these lovely chemo caps.  These will be passed on to Swedish Covenant for some of their cancer patients.  Thanks, Joyce!!

Penny Sawczak, as usual, has been busy with her hook - crocheting LOTS of goodies for the people at Cornerstone Community Outreach and/or North Park Friendship Center.  Here's Penny with her latest inventory of yarny goodness.

Marcy Stowe came flying solo to this meeting - no Evelyn or Adelaide as the girls were busy.  Marcy has been learning how to knit and completed this lovely infinity scarf.  The spa cloth was Evelyn's contribution.

Carol Flowers came with her bags and bags of love gifts.  I would just love to sit and watch Carol crochet some time - I can't imagine how fast she is to produce the tons of love she brings each and every time.  Just look at all of this good stuff!

We were happy to have Angie Lyke back with us for this meeting.  It had been WAY too long!  She, too, has been a busy girl!  Take a look...

Nancy Byron was also able to join us for our May meeting and brought this adorable baby afghan with her.

We wrapped up the day with a showing of some amazing hand-knit items dropped off by new Angel, Faith Yao of Evanston.  After the Angels in attendance saw the things made by Faith, they said, "Oh!  She has to come to a meeting so we can meet her!!"  There was lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing over her stuff and here's why...

 Not only were Faith's items beautifully made,  they were made with some gorgeous yarns.  She also dropped off a donation of some of that gorgeous yarn for the Crafty Angels.

The knit sun dress above was just incredible, and the sweater dresses/tunics were adorable.  Seriously, these pictures just don't do her work justice!!  Thanks so much, Faith, and we truly hope to see you at a future meeting.

Pam Gantzer was also at this meeting and was working on finalizing her hats so I apparently didn't get a picture of them.  (The photographer is slipping!!)  But, be it duly noted, they have been added to our stash of love gifts.

And, of course, Sandy Rice was with us as well.  She always arrives early and helps with set up and organization for the meeting.  I couldn't do this without her!!

That's a wrap for our May meeting.  We missed those of you who couldn't be with us and hope you'll be able to join us next time - which will be our September 21st meeting.  Have a happy and blessed summer!!