Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warm Hearts

Happy 2014!!  Temperatures in Chicago and across the Midwest may be frigid, but there were warm hearts in the chapel at Edgebrook Covenant on January 18th!  Given the weather, we didn't expect a big turnout on this day and there were only nine of us in attendance, but it was great to see those that showed up and we missed those who couldn't make it.  It was good to gather together after the busy holidays and have time to just sit and chat, which is what we did!  We opened the boxes of love that had been sent our way, displayed all the beautiful creations of those in attendance, photographed all of this wonderful stuff, and then gabbed.  It was lovely to be able to get better acquainted with one another. 

It looked like, in spite of the holiday busy-ness, that the Angels were still active with their hooks and needles.  Here is the unveiling of the latest Angel beauties...

We received all of this yarny goodness from Karen Egolf-Simon of Wheeling, IL.  The hat and scarf sets will be appreciated by the folks at A Just Harvest, the baby afghan will go to a newborn at Swedish Covenant Hospital, the adorable sweater will go to a child through either North Park Friendship Center or Cornerstone Community Outreach and the spa cloths will go to either new moms at Swedish Covenant or to moms in the shelters operated by Cornerstone.  Thank you, Karen, for your generosity and your beautiful stitching!

Amazing Angel Helen Watson of Wadsworth, IL sent us her first installment of the year.  Just look at all of the fabulous stuff she worked up!  Helen and I chat on the phone on occasion and I know for a fact that this wonderful lady is never far from her knitting needles.  We are so blessed that she found her way to Crafty Angels!  Helen, thank you for your kind heart and all of the prayers you put into every piece you turn out.  And thank your hubby, Dave, for all those trips to the post office he makes for you!

And then there's Maureen Martin.  I never get tired of ooh-ing and aah-ing over her amazing skills and the beautiful things she creates.  These baby sweaters she makes are so precious and everything she makes is perfectly stitched.  Looks like the work she did on those incredible headbands she made for the North Park University women's volleyball team inspired her to make more headbands.  Check out the one with the crisscross in the front.  She figured that out on her own!!  That just blows me away!

And look!  A "person" picture!  Here is Penny Sawczak posing with the scads of baby afghans she turned out (looks like maybe an adult-sized afghan, too?).  So sweet!  Penny, thank you for being a part of Crafty Angels for so many years and for your unfailing dedication to and concern for "the least of these".  We love that you're an Angel!

What??!!  Another "person" picture??  It's true!  I really AM going to make an effort to do more of this.  Here is one of our newest Angels, Cindy Weinzierl, posing with the yarny goodness she brought with her to this meeting.  Her gifts of love will help provide warmth for some lucky recipients at Cornerstone Community Outreach or North Park Friendship Center.  Cindy, we love having you on board and love that your brought your friend Becky Rosacker with you!!

Here we have Jeannine Patt's latest creations.  I would love SOMEDAY to learn how to knit, but I would really like to learn how to knit like Jeannine.  Her baby sweaters and matching afghans are incredible.  I would also like to learn how to crochet like Jeannine.  Isn't that shawl lovely?  Everything she makes is sheer perfection and jam-packed full of love.  She has been with Crafty Angels since it's inception and I don't know what we'd do without her.  Not only does she make amazingly beautiful things for those in need, but she helps Sandy and me out in so many ways.  We love you, Jeannine!!  Thanks for being you!

And, in spite of the fact that Lori Nienke is having some serious issues with her hands, she still managed to crank out a couple of spa cloths.  I love the colors!  It was great to have her back with us at this meeting.  And, Lori, we hope your hand feels better soon.

Back in mid-December, I received an e-mail from a neighborhood woman looking to donate some baby afghans.  Of course, we are always happy to take in, and then send out, anyone and everyone's gifts of love.  That woman was Diane Gillespie and take a look at these gorgeous afghans she made.  Diane's obviously got some skills!!  An interesting side note...when she dropped these off, she told me she had discovered that our husbands knew each other from the Chicago Fire Department.  Small world!  Diane, thank you so much for these beautiful afghans.  Some babies are going to be very blessed this year by your generous heart.

Here is my latest contribution.  I felt like a slacker with the chaos of the holidays, but am now back in full swing again.  I saw a pattern for this infinity scarf and had never made one before, so thought I'd make it in red for The Red Scarf Project.  Also did a hat for Christmas at Sea (I actually love this crochet pattern for the seaman's cap!) and some hats for the babies at Swedish Covenant.  I was also having fun with the star-shaped spa cloths.
That's all there is for this post!  I will be sending out a separate e-mail as well, but want you all to know that we have cancelled our meeting on March 15th.  Therefore, the next time we will convene will be on Saturday, May 17th, 10:30 a.m. at Edgebrook Covenant.  We hope to see you there.  Wishing you all a richly blessed 2014!