Sunday, November 20, 2011

And the Goodies Keep on Coming!

"Dreams grow holy put into action" -- Adelaide Proctor

Hi! Chris here! Lots of holy dreams showed up on Saturday, October 29 when the Crafty Angels met at Edgebrook Covenant Church to open boxes of goodies that had arrived over the past several months, and to share the yarny goodness that they themselves had made during that time. It seemed as if the goodies just kept on coming as box after box and bag after bag was opened. Chicago Archangel Sandy Rice was so impressed and inspired by the Angels' handiwork that she insisted that we do a blog post, just so all of you could see! So, with Able Assistant Anita Hohenstein manning the camera, lots of pictures were taken, and sent to me here in Maryland on a DVD. So grab a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee, put your feet up, and prepare to be inspired. Just look at these lovelies!

Angel Angie Lyke has kept herself very busy and brought in a great assortment of goodies:

So has Angel Carol Flowers, who is now fully recuperated from breaking her thumb - a very frustrating disability for a confirmed crocheter. You can see that it didn't change the quality of her work, though:

Angel Carol Stephan sent in a box full of yarny goodness, including her famous baby sets:

Angel Debbie Kreusch made more of her famous toys and even had time to make some baby blankets. Just check out those baby sweaters, too:

The Happy Charity Klickers from Loogootee, IN sent in a windfall of yarny goodness!

Angel Doris Ahlstedt made more of her favorite baby things:

New Angel Doris Freeman sent in some lovely yarny goodness:

Angel Helen Watson sent in manyPACKED boxes of dreams made holy:

New Angel Joanne Robbins sent in a lovely baby sweater:

Angel Joyce Dattalo sent in this wonderful yarny goodness - including her famous baby sets, made up of a baby blanket with matching sweater and hat:

New Angel Kathleen Evans has been busy on our behalf, too, and she knitted the scarf in my favorite stitch - seed stitch:

New Angel L. Wright sent in these pieces of holiness:

Angel Linda Faubel has been very busy crocheting!

Angel Mary Grotz brought much love worked into yarny goodness, including even baby booties:

Angel Maureen Martin had these lovelies to share, with lots of warm hats and scarves for men - always needed:

Angel Peggy Kingsley brought in lots of dreams, too:

And last, but certainly not least, Angel Penny Sawczak brought in ARMLOADS of love!

WOW! Can you believe all this inspiration! A big thank you goes to all the Angels who made things, but also to the lovely women who came to unpack the boxes and sort things into their proper storage bins in our new digs at the church - including Angie Lyke, Carol Flowers, Heather Groh, Mary Grotz, Penny Sawczak, Phyllis Snodgrass, Debbie Kreusch, Peggy Kingsley, and Anita Hohenstein.

All the items you see here, along with BINS FULL of yarny goodness already received and photographed previously for this blog, will be blessed by Pastor Greg early in December, and delivered to Cornerstone Community Outreach, Swedish Covenant Hospital, and the North Park Friendship Center before Christmas -- so that they can be distributed to recipients in time for Christmas. Swedish Covenant Hospital also reserves baby things to be distributed during the coming year.

I am inspired -- and impressed -- by all the dreams turned into action you see here! Thank you, each and every one of you, for caring for all those we serve. You did it again -- in grand style!!


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