Monday, October 11, 2010


"Living is doing." -- Clara Barton

If doing is indeed living, as Clara Barton (one of my childhood heroes) wrote, the Crafty Angels present at our recent gathering on September 25 are definitely REALLY living! They brought MOUNDS of yarny goodness -- so much that I couldn't fit it all in here, I was afraid that I would crash the servers hosting our blog. So what you will see is a selection of their love gifts for those we serve. But first, take a peek at who was there:
From left to right: Sandy Rice, Jeannine Patt, and Peggy Kingsley, all from Chicago; and Carol Flowers, from Barrington.
Again, from left to right: Penny Sawczak, Debbie Kreusch, Kanani Caauwe, and Doris Ahlstedt, all from Chicago.

Now, grab a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up, and marvel at this yarny goodness show!

WOW! These Angels have been "doing" for The Red Scarf Project, Afghans for Afghans, A Just Harvest's community kitchen, Cornerstone Community Outreach's homeless shelters and programs, Swedish Covenant Hospital's maternity ward, Christmas at Sea, Parenting Progress, and the North Park Friendship Center. That's a whole lotta living going on!

And can your believe the creativity, craftswomanship, and diversity of the yarny goodness? That's something that always takes my breath away: each Angel not only knits and crochets so much love into her love gifts, but each item is so creative and wonderfully made! And in the nearly 10 years that the Crafty Angels have been around, never once have two Angels made exactly the same item the same way. Never! I just love the diversity.

So, Sandy, Jeannine, Peggy, Carol, Penny, Debbie, Kanani, and Doris -- THANK YOU for being your wonderful caring, giving, doing, living selves! You are touching so many, many lives with your love gifts and you each a a wonder to behold!


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